Standard curriculum

The standard curriculum of Japanese students starts usually in preschool, even if it is not compulsory. As the system is well known, when talking about the age of a child, it is common to say the class.

Establishment typeGradeAgeAbbreviation
Preschool 幼稚園 YŌCHIEN
Kindergarden 保育園 HOIKUEN
13 or 4
24 or 5
35 or 6
Primary school
16 or 7小一 SHŌICHI
27 or 8小二 SHŌNI
38 or 9小三 SHŌSAN
49 or 10小四 SHŌYON
510 or 11小五 SHŌGO
611 or 12小六 SHŌROKU
High school
112 or 13中一 CHŪICHI
213 or 14中二 CHŪICHI
314 or 15中三 CHŪICHI
Senior high school
or 高校 KŌKŌ
115 or 16高校一 KŌKŌICHI
316 or 17高校二 KŌKŌNI
317 or 18高校三 KŌKŌSAN
Higher education
  • University, college 大学 DAIGAKU
  • Greate schools 大学校 DAIGAKKŌ
  • Etc.
1~1018 and more

Most of the colleges in Japan have a short name. 東大 TŌDAI for 東京大学 TŌKYŌ DAIGAKU, 早大 SŌDAI for 早稲田大学 WASEDA DAIGAKU, etc.

A Wikipedia page gives the abbreviation of all colleges : » Wikipedia (in Japanese only).

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