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"After studying computer sciences, following my passion, I decided to study Japanese language at the university (in Paris, France). Then, I had the opportunity to go to work in Japan. I stayed there about 5 years and discovered this rich and fascinating culture."
I stayed mainly in Kobe where I got a little the accent of Kansai. I travelled as much as I could in the Kansai area (Kyôto, Nara, Ôsaka), but I've been to cities and country side of Honshû, Kyûshû and Shikoku, as well as Tokyo, of course. This let me discover a lot of different ways to speaking in Japanese!
Passionate by linguistics, phonetics and translating, I looked for a long time a subject about which I could create a website, through which I could transmit my passion. I didn't want to create just another Japanese course web site because there's already a lot on Internet, and some of them are really well done!"

Ludovic T. - Webmaster

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Kazoku Ecrire le japonais
Ecrire le japonais
Kazoku Ecrire le japonais