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In order to ease the transcription, thank you to use only the most common phonems. (This should not affect much the final transciption because the phonetics of Japanese is already rather limited.) For the phonems that do not appear on your keyboard, please use the buttons here after.
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Note about pronunciation

To help us transcribe the first name the best way, please give us a precise indication of the pronunciation of the first name, syllabe by syllabe, in order to avoid any ambiguity.
For example, in the first name "Mikal", the "i" could be pronounced like "I" or "ee" like in "bee", and the "a" could be pronounced like in "cat" or like in "skate". Usual rules don't apply very much on first names, so please don't let us guess how to pronounce a first name, even if it is common in your area.
(For experts, you could use the International Phonetic Alphabet. For this exemple: "[maɪkəl]" or "[mɪkæl]".)

New names waiting for transcription

The new first name:Language:Added date:
MarkoFrançais4/11/24, 4
MarlonAutre4/7/24, 12
LeviFrançais4/5/24, 7:
TerrellArabe3/12/24, 8
ArielleAnglais2/24/24, 8
AinohaFrançais1/7/24, 10
GérysAutre1/7/24, 10
SajanAutre1/7/24, 9:
ZepheerArabe1/7/24, 8:
SwamineFrançais1/7/24, 6:
IzioAutre1/7/24, 6:
HowelFrançais1/7/24, 5:
Ousseynou KaAutre1/7/24, 11
KaridjaAutre1/7/24, 11
LénahyssAutre1/7/24, 11
SonnaAutre1/7/24, 11
EdouarnoAutre1/7/24, 11
NéhémmieAutre1/7/24, 11
PearlyAnglais1/7/24, 10
JahwenAutre1/7/24, 8:
IzacFrançais1/6/24, 6:
EliskhanAutre1/6/24, 5:
KishanAutre1/6/24, 3:
HanyaArabe1/6/24, 3:
JayveAnglais1/6/24, 2:
MoréganeFrançais1/6/24, 7:
PyayoxFrançais1/6/24, 12
HeïlaniAutre1/5/24, 6:
DieguiAutre1/5/24, 4:
MikayelAutre1/5/24, 1:
DalianeFrançais1/5/24, 1:
MeyronnAnglais1/5/24, 1:
ElichaAutre1/5/24, 1:
AlefAutre1/5/24, 1:
IssiaFrançais1/5/24, 10
DarealAnglais1/5/24, 10
NibalArabe1/5/24, 9:
AhéliFrançais1/5/24, 8:
MileyFrançais1/5/24, 8:
JorenFrançais1/5/24, 7:
RehmanAutre1/4/24, 6:
ArjunAutre1/4/24, 6:
QuinzinioFrançais1/4/24, 4:
LaobéAutre1/4/24, 3:
AlejiAutre1/4/24, 2:
NihadeFrançais1/4/24, 12
SoryanFrançais1/4/24, 12
RarAutre1/3/24, 10
MayasAutre1/3/24, 9:
MakédaAutre1/3/24, 2:
LysanaFrançais1/3/24, 11
KaïlaniAutre1/3/24, 11
MaewanFrançais1/2/24, 9:
AmabelFrançais1/2/24, 8:
AmalFrançais1/2/24, 8:
AnouchaFrançais1/2/24, 8:
KlemFrançais1/2/24, 5:
AliahArabe1/2/24, 5:
NahelleArabe1/2/24, 3:
TeedjyAutre1/2/24, 3:
AdkhamAutre1/2/24, 3:
AnteninFrançais1/2/24, 3:
LoesAllemand1/2/24, 12
S1mpleArabe1/2/24, 11
GhoufraneAutre1/2/24, 10
RinediAutre1/2/24, 10
KatalînaAutre1/2/24, 10
ElidjahAutre1/2/24, 10
LilweenAnglais1/2/24, 9:
AsmilaArabe1/1/24, 10
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