What is it about?

Japonophone presents an overview of the Japanese language, its specificities and its phonetics.

The Japanese language is not difficult to pronounce but due to the Hepburn transcription method, it is not natural to pronounce for an English speaker when reading the letters. Some practice may be necessary to get to the right prononciation.

The language it-self is not so difficult to grasp as a beginner, but the writing system is often seeing as an unsurmountable montain. However, if the ideographic system (the kanji, the Chinese characters used in Japanese) can be rather long to master, the learning of the phonetical systems (hiragana et katakana) is readily achievable. The kanji can be studied on the long run and may replace gradualy your words written in kana.

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Kazoku Ecrire le japonais
Ecrire le japonais
Kazoku Ecrire le japonais