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Hisokaadded on01/04/2020
Mamieadded on01/04/2020
Libertyadded on31/03/2020
Larkaadded on31/03/2020
Nekenaadded on31/03/2020

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Simple Frenchchyakouzooo
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Today the 02/04/2020 is

Sandrine's day!

Simple Frenchsane.doliiinou
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Card game - KAZOKU

Kazoku card sampleKazoku title

Kazoku is an educational card game developed by the japanophone.
With Kazoku, learning kana becomes easy, quick and fun!
Use Kazoku and learn kana without even noticing it!

Kazoku offers you several rules in order to satisfy everybody, from complete beginners to more advanced players.
All the rules are explained in details here: » Kazoku

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Reiwa Period (令和)
2nd year
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DAIAN (大安)
Very good the whole day

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Kazoku Ecrire le japonais
Ecrire le japonais
Kazoku Ecrire le japonais