Transcriptions Alexandrine in Japanese

Alexandrine French first name

Prononciation :
Pronunciation of the first name in phonetic alphabet:
[ alɛksɑ̃dʁin ]
French pronunciation in simplified French:

Transcription n°1 :

In katakana: アレックサンドリーヌ

In hiragana: あれっくさんどりーぬ

In latine letters: AREKKUSANDORĪNU

Fidelity Level: 91.5%

Japanese phonetics: [ aɽekkɯsaɴdoɽiːnɯ ]

Pronunciation in French: alék.koussane.doliiinou

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Transcription n°2 :

In katakana: アレックサンドリン

In hiragana: あれっくさんどりん

In latine letters: AREKKUSANDORIN

Fidelity Level: 91%

Japanese phonetics: [ aɽekkɯsaɴdoɽiɴ ]

Pronunciation in French: alék.koussane.doline

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Transcription n°3 :

In katakana: アレックサンドリヌ

In hiragana: あれっくさんどりぬ

In latine letters: AREKKUSANDORINU

Fidelity Level: 90%

Japanese phonetics: [ aɽekkɯsaɴdoɽinɯ ]

Pronunciation in French: alék.koussane.dolinou

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Transcription n°4 :

In katakana: アレックサンドリーン

In hiragana: あれっくさんどりーん

In latine letters: AREKKUSANDORĪN

Fidelity Level: 89.5%

Japanese phonetics: [ aɽekkɯsaɴdoɽiːɴ ]

Pronunciation in French: alék.koussane.doliiine

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