What is Q/A?

Questions and Answers (Q/A) is the space where you can all your questions about:

  • Japanese language, its pronunciation, its writing, its use, etc.
  • First names transcribed on Japanophone or other web sites.
  • Japanese culture.
  • Games made by Japanophone.
  • Any ideas that come to your mind as long as it is related to Japan!
Rules of Q/A

To ask for a question, there are some simple rules to follow, otherwise the question might be deleted.

  • As this is a web site about linguistics, please write in proper English. No sms language here.
  • Please be polite and respectful to other culture, whatever it is.
  • Your question should be clear and expect a precise answer. If you have several questions about different themes, please ask several questions.
  • Please think how to ask your question the good way and proofread your question before posting it.
  • Please don't ask questions about sensitive political or religious issues. This is first a language oriented web site.
  • Please don't use this web site for advertising or spamming.
  • Uploaded pictures will be publicly visible only after being validated by our staff.

Japanophone reserves the right to delete a question or an answer without notice, if it is found to be inappropriate.